Just when you thought you couldn’t hate Hitler more

Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

My book

I bought Anne Frank’s diary as something to read during any┬álull on my work experience placement. I’m not sure now about how wise my decision was, since my placement was at a primary school and the young kids there kept asking why I kept crying on my book.

My decision stood, nevertheless, and I’ll never regret reading it. I picked it out mainly because I was studying the Second World War in History and I thought it would be more interesting than reading the textbook that I was meant to.

Published 1947, Diary of a Young Girl is 287 pages long. If you get a copy, get it complete and unabridged. There’s a certain wholeness to having the entire thing there and I wouldn’t be able to pick out a bit which was more or less necessary than the rest.

The story

My God, it’s real! It’s all true, ignoring the fact that this is subjectively written and therefore exclusively from┬áthe narrow view of a teenage girl. The blurb comments: Continue reading