Look what I unearthed!

North Child by Edith Pattou

Note: This is a review that I wrote for my GCSEs. North Child was my favourite book, and partly still is. Though modern, fantasy and aimed at children and teenagers, I believe that it is a true classic.

A book which inspires a fresh new view of the Norwegian fairy tale ‘East of the Sun and West of the Moon’ but is certainly not just for the children!

We all like to curl up with a heart warming tale of adventure, fantasy and romance but we don’t want to be caught reading ‘Sleeping Beauty’, do we? With beautiful illustrations, titbits about ancient map making, seamanship, Scandinavian languages, Norse mythology and Arctic travel, the novel is both moving and highly informative. Ultimately, this is the perfect book for someone wanting to relax into a chair and begin a dangerous, exciting voyage into a world of fact and fantasy that will not only move you to tears but also set your heart stuttering in astonishment.

Set in Norway during a time when most of the world was still unknown, Rose is born to a superstitious but loving family. Destined to travel far until a death suffocated by ice and snow, her mother would do anything to shelter the unruly child but not even Rose’s family can do anything against her stubborn attitude once her sister falls ill. An ice bear appears at the door promising good health, prosperity and a life of comfort to the family if Continue reading